Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Why Colors Matter When Picking Custom Boxes for Your Brand


When we think of some popular brands, their logos and other signature elements like colors come to our mind immediately. The colors are the most essential visual elements in a packaging design that enable us to associate different products with a brand. So, the colors do matter when you are designing custom boxes for your brand. Other than creating an identity, the attractive and meaningful colors also contribute to making solid first impressions on the customers. The selection of correct colors is crucial too because a poor choice can lead to creating a negative and fading impact. 

Colors say more than you think:

Have you ever wondered why some retail businesses always use blue as a basic color for their product packaging? The reason is simple; blue is a leading color that relays the trustworthiness of a brand. What we mean is that colors are the most important design elements of custom box packaging. And, the choice between choosing them requires a great thought from your end. Here is what the most commonly utilized colors in the packaging design convey to your target audience:

  • Green: It is mostly associated with the Earth and brings peace, tranquility, and relaxation feelings to the minds. Different brands like Acer, Android, and Starbucks are using it as the main color for their packaging design.
  • Yellow: It often speaks for energy, vibrancy, and cheerfulness. Its use is quite rare in branding but is mostly used for bringing attraction factors to the design. 

Attract target audience:

Custom product packaging is not meant to contain and preserve certain sorts of retail products only. It could be the difference between customers choosing a specific item displayed on the market shelves or discarding it. If there are no colors, there is simply no attraction of potential clients. The attraction capacity of different colors varies depending upon the target audience and visual prominence. For some particular items, bright shades may work well with the audience to convince them of a purchase. And in some cases, the lighter shades tend to bring more appeal to the packaging design. 

Impart emotions:

Establishing an emotional connection with the customer base is pertinent for a brand to survive in the market. If a business does not emotionally invest in its customers, it is likely to face a major setback. A lot of people tend to shop from Amazon instead of some local companies. The fundamental reason is that people feel a sense of belonging with the Amazon. Have you ever thought about how famous brands like Amazon and Apple have succeeded in engaging people on an emotional level? These brands use some particular colors in their packaging designs that impart certain emotions to the clients. This is why we say that the colors do matter when you are picking up a custom box packaging. The use of colors will help you develop an emotional connection with the clients who then become loyal to you. 

Develop brand identity:

As colors have connotations, they are a must-have element in the design of custom product packaging. People in the consumer market generally tend to associate black or silver packaging with luxuriousness. The green packaging portrays the ecological side of a business while the red packaging stands for passion and strength. Since every brand has its own narrative and story, it must be conveyed to create a differentiation in the market. This is only possible by designing the product packages with brand-themed color schemes. These schemes would provide a hint or reflection of what a business is doing and what it intends to achieve. 

The design of custom boxes involves numerous important elements such as materials, textures, shape, and style. But, colors are the most crucial of all that can help a retail business with branding. They are a true speaker of a brand’s values and matter greatly in uplifting the attractiveness of the boxes. 

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