Saturday, January 28, 2023
Why Do Taller People Look Better?

Why Do Taller People Look Better?


Have you ever seen a tall person and you are like, damn! That guy looks cute? It’s no longer a secret that the female gender is more attracted to tall guys but what makes being tall so special. In today’s article, we will be discovering the secret lurking behind the reason why taller people look better.

Being tall comes with its advantages and disadvantages—yes! Your height might make you look attractive and at the same time be the reason you might get mocked at. As a tall person, you are bound to stick out from the crowd whether you intentionally want or not. As disturbing as being tall sounds or looks, it does have its advantages. That’s why in this article you will not only learn why tall people look better but you’ll also discover other benefits tall people enjoy.

Why taller people look better

Many people consider taller people to be more attractive than shorter people and this consideration is not based on looks or athletic abilities (taller people perform better in basketball). 

  • For starters, taller people have better hearts. Does that mean that I won’t get heartbroken if I date a taller person? Taller people having better hearts doesn’t mean that they are more emotional or caring, it simply means that a taller person is less likely to have heart disease. Every 2.5 in or 6.35 cm jump in height decreases the chances of having a heart disease like coronary by 13.5%. In that sense, you can say that taller people are healthier.
  • Being tall is seen by many as being dominant and we all know that women love a dominant male. For the ladies dominance equated to being sexy. So if you are tall and you have a lot of ladies frolicking around you just know it’s not based on your looks alone, it may be attributed to the fact that they consciously or unconsciously consider you as a more dominant male.
  • From the evolutionary perspective, taller or larger males were capable of protecting their family members better, thus, increasing their chances of surviving. Over time, that ideology unconsciously stuck to people’s heads and minds. That’s why today being tall makes you a more desirable male or female.
  • Taller males look more attractive or better because they have higher levels of testosterone. Studies have shown that testosterone can impact certain pheromones that may attract the opposite sex. Additionally having higher testosterone levels is vital with sperms count which improves their reproductive abilities. 
  • A lot of people perceive taller people as more attractive or better-looking thanks to the media. The media has always focused on big ass, big boobs, etc., as its standard. Among all the things the media focuses on, height is one of them and being taller equates to being more attractive or better. You can easily see the media’s preference for taller people when you watch modelling shows (they always use taller males and females for their runway shows).
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