Thursday, December 1, 2022
women harassment

Why do words like women’s exploitation and harassment even exist? Does anyone have any answer


We have been learning lessons on equality and humanity irrespective of gender. But is it really true? Do we actually follow equality for the human race? If your answer is ‘Yes, then why do the words like women’s exploitation and harassment even exist?

Meaning the majority of the human population on this planet still believes that females are nothing but easily preys. It is evident that women face bullying, be it in any corner of the world. Women are considered weak and bland. Males of society claim to be dominant personalities and boast to take perfect decisions.

Usually, males expect females to be the caretaker of the children.  But the fact is both male and female parents are governors of the family; why a woman is held responsible. Also, there are shreds of evidence that men take off their agony on their wives, sexually, verbally, or by any other disrespectful means.

Women face brutality in their own homes; we have numerous examples stating it. It is common to feel offended by male siblings or a spouse by women. It is saddening that the ill-conduct they bear makes them trust they are just a cruse.

Whereas, at the workplace, they have to undergo immense challenges. Perhaps, males are insecure as it is a proven fact that women are better bosses and managers. On the contrary, they have to strive to achieve a reputed designation. Lewd comments, uncalled flirtation, needless hitting, staring, teasing, misappropriation are few things that these poor souls have to face daily at the work area.

On streets, public conveyance, and public places endure war arenas for ladies. They have to combat massive nonsense and irrational activities. Many times, they choose to ignore such events.

Ferocious occurrences, murders, eve-teasing are new common from their trusted ones, then from the unknown.

Women’s harassment, a big question mark on our community, remains unjustified. Read Also: Social Media a real time monitor for suppressive issues

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