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Why Humanities is No Longer the Underdog?



Humanities is notorious for being easy and being the last choice option for students who are finishing up their class 12th studies. However, it is further from the truth. There are several subjects and disciplines within Humanities. The scope of Humanities is so wide, that Humanities can work in any field possible. From Law and Education to Psychology and Journalism. Students who are about to finish up their class 12th in Humanities need to be aware of the career options open to them with a Humanities degree.


One of the leading universities in Bhopal is Mansarovar Global University. The university offers several Humanities degrees. There are courses like Arts and Design, Law, Journalism and Mass Media, Social Sciences and Humanities, Hotel Management, Library Science, and more. The eligibility criteria and admissions processes are different for each field. Also, the career graph will differ quite a bit.


If anyone is intrigued about humanities careers at this point, let us help show some of the top options available for a humanities student.



Career Options in Humanities


  1. Economics: Economics is all about the study of the economy. It studies the nation’s resources, land, labor, and raw material. How all of these factors affect the national GDP every year is what the goal of the study of economics is. Individuals with an economics degree work with large amounts of data and numbers. This data is collected, cleaned up, and calculated to find trends and make predictions. Jobs in economics are typically in government organizations and analytics companies. Some job profiles that use Economics are Economists, Analysts, Risk Advisory Analysts, etc. On average, Economists earn around INR 6-8 LPA.
  2. Psychology: Psychology is about understanding how and why people think and behave in certain ways. The study considers feelings and our subconscious thinking to provide a diagnosis to patients. It is a multidisciplinary field that combines several departments of humanities and social sciences with medical sciences. There are several areas of Psychology that are typically chosen at the postgraduate level studies. For instance, forensic psychology, clinical psychology, sports psychology, industrial psychology, etc. Graduates can expect to work in the capacity of Research Analysts, Clinical Psychologists, Professors, Counsellors, etc. Indian psychologists earn INR 4 – 5 LPA on average.
  3. Law: Law remains a popular choice for many Humanities students. Lawyers need to be sharp, quick on their feet, and also have good research skills along with communication skills. As a lawyer, one could either work from case to case or with large organizations in the legal department. Moreover, there is civil law, tax law, human rights, criminal law, and forensic law among other divisions. Typically graduates would start by interning under an established lawyer and then handle their own cases. Generally, salaries for lawyers will vary largely on the case they are handling. However, corporate lawyers earn around INR 7 – 9 LPA.
  4. History: History is a perfect career choice for individuals who enjoy digging out the past to figure out the present and the future. Historians will usually specialize in one particular era or period. They will go through texts, artifacts, and more of that period to conduct their studies. The goal of their studies is to understand more and contribute to the existing knowledge bank of the past. History degree holders can work as Professors, Archivists, Librarian, Academic Researcher, Museum Curator, etc. Historians on average earn INR 10 – 11 LPA.
  5. Political Science: In simple terms, Political Science is the study of politics in a national and international standard. Political Science involves the study of ideas, policies, and behavior during times of war, diplomacy, and when strategizing. Political Science is an exciting and fast-paced field. One can make a significant contribution to the betterment of a country in the right Political Science job role. One they could be working on unemployment while the next they could be helping solve poverty. Within this field, individuals can work as Political Analysts, Lobbyists, Legislative assistants, Political Consultants, and Intelligence Analysts. The average pay for a Political Scientist is INR 5 – 6 LPA.
  6. Journalism: One of the more popular Humanities disciplines at BA colleges in Bhopal is Journalism. Mass Communication and Journalism, as it is also known as best for candidates with strong speaking and writing communication abilities. Individuals within this field are always on top of the latest news and story that is developing. Journalists and writers can work in many different mediums for instance televisions, radios, online media, etc. Journalism is needed in many departments such as marketing, public relations, event management, etc. An average journalist will earn INR 4 – 5 LPA irrespective of experience level.
  7. Hotel Management: Hotel Management is about working in the service industry in different positions. Large hotels chains and resorts need experienced people to handle their offices. From taking care of catering and housekeeping to front office customer service, there are many areas in Hotel Management. Courses in Hotel Management are highly practical based and students are taught the technical skills to excel in the field over a short period of time. Not just hotels, graduates in Hotel Management can work in airlines, railways, cruise ships, and more. In this field, the average salary is INR 3 – 4 LPA.
  8. Fashion Design: Fashion Design is as per the name, about designing clothes. People in this field of work usually work for large clothing houses or set up their own businesses. Individuals who wish to work in this field need to have a strong fashion sense along with a little drawing and sketching knowledge. Having an eye for color, design and the latest trend is a necessity. Textile houses, garment export companies, and also fashion media hires Fashion Design graduates. The average salary of Fashion Designers in India is INR 4 – 6 LPA.
  9. Teaching and Education: Many Humanities graduates also choose to go into teaching. Some of the top MA colleges in Bhopal offer B.Ed. Degrees. These degrees are required in order to work as teachers at private and public schools. Teaching is a noble profession and is considered in high regard in Indian societies. There could be additional national-level examinations that one might need to attempt to work at public schools. With higher education and more experience, one can also work at universities teaching full-time degree programs. The average high school teacher earns INR 4 – 5 LPA.


Humanities is no more an option that one would have to choose out of lack of choices. A BA or an MA degree can be followed up with several other degrees like Law, History, Psychology, and more. There are numerous choices and also the salary range will differ greatly. It’s all up to the individual to take advantage of the opportunities.



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