Saturday, December 3, 2022
Buy graptoveria titubans succulent Canada

Why Should You Have Succulents At Home?


These days, a large number of people buy graptoveria titubans succulent. They look so beautiful that no one remains indifferent after seeing them. Succulents have several significant advantages over other indoor plants, so keeping them in the house is recommended to absolutely everyone. You can buy succulents online in British Columbia and keep them in the room.

  • Compact Size

Graptoveria titubans succulent flowers develop slowly and do not reach more than 12 cm in diameter. Even if you plant a succulent in a small diameter pot, for example, 6 cm, it will live like this for several years without showing signs of discomfort. This feature allows you to grow dozens of varieties on a narrow windowsill or shelf at once.

  • Attractive Appearance

Creating natural conditions for a wildflower will turn them from green to red, pink, orange, blue, and even black. In addition, impressive streaks and patterns will appear on the leaves. You can achieve this effect in a house or apartment by creating a stressful environment for plants: reducing watering, using sparse soil and small pots, and exposing them to bright light.

Many succulents also need a temperature difference to change their color. Therefore, the ideal form of indoor heating is batteries with thermoregulators. A glazed balcony or loggia is also suitable. These flowers can also be placed between the window frames in the room.

  • Living In The Shadows

It is not always possible to put indoor flowers on the windowsill. After all, this place can be occupied by other plants that need bright lighting. Succulents can stay in the shade for 4-6 months without compromising their health and appearance. Some varieties grow due to electric light. It turns out that many people are not able to distinguish succulents from cacti. So, you must buy graptoveria titubans succulent in Canada from a reliable online vendor. Specialists will provide you complete information about the plant and help make the proper selection.

  • Rare Waterings

Succulents can last up to 6 weeks without moisture, suitable for lazy people who forget to water their flowers on time. It is also not recommended to water them in the first 2-3 days after purchase, on the eve of transplanting, and immediately after it, in low light, in cold and hot weather. There are two ways to determine the lack of moisture in the soil and the plant itself: weighing the pot (if it is light, then it is time to water) and examining the leaves (if there are wrinkles, then the flower is too dry).

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