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X Tips for Successful Video Marketing on Social Media


X Tips for Successful Video Marketing on Social Media

Considering how avidly we consume video content, it’s not surprising how it has become the most effective means of marketing online. Experts say social media users engage with video content more than any other type of media content. This assertion does not come as a shock since there’s been a steady rise in the demand for video content online. You may be losing out a huge chunk of revenue if you’ve included video content marketing in your business strategies. In this article, you’ll learn more about how to make a video using simple editing tools. We’ll also expand on a few other tips that have been known to improve video marketing success.

Video content has obviously come to stay. Businesses worldwide that recognize this fact are milking the revenue potential it has to offer through video marketing. Furthermore, an effective video marketing strategy significantly boosts the success rate of digital marketing campaigns. Depending on the social media platform you wish to market on, you’ll need to customize your videos. For instance, your video size and aspect ratio must be customized to the requirement of your platform of choice. Having a tailor-made video for your marketing campaigns helps you engage more with your target audience. 

Use the following tips and start reaching your customers with engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking video content today.

1. Make A Video That Grabs Attention

In video marketing, every second of your video counts. More so, the first few seconds determine whether they’ll watch the rest of the video. You don’t want to have your potential customer swiping away after glancing at your video. This is where the need for attention-grabbing content comes into play. If the first few seconds don’t offer value or intrigue your target audience then your campaign will likely fail. So ensure you put some deep thought and creativity into the first few seconds and also the entire video you’re marketing with.

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2. Tell Relevant Stories

Video is no longer an up-and-coming aspect of content marketing. It is now the hallmark of business marketing strategies on social media. When creating the video for your marketing campaign ensure it tells a relevant story. Your audience needs to relate to what they are seeing before they can engage with it. Rather than simply introducing your brand or selling your product, look for ways to use storytelling in your video. Storytelling helps ease them into receiving the actual reason for the video. This video marketing technique alone can help you boost your campaign success rate.

What previous impact has your company had on clients? How has your product helped a customer? What difference are you making in society? Develop a story around your marketing goal and use video to share with your target audience. 

3. Use Audience-generated Content

Your customers and audience like to feel recognized and appreciated. You can star customers in your videos in the form of testimonials, reviews, or customer-generated content. This strategy helps build connections with your audience and encourages them to create more videos about your product.

In addition, when people see themselves in your brand video they’ll most likely share it with friends and family. This in turn boosts your marketing reach and helps you gain more leads. You can start by urging your viewers and audience to make a video while using your product or service. Using audience-generated video content is a great strategy that can augment your marketing efforts.

4. Create A Posting Schedule

Viewers expect to see regular updates from your brand. Instead of posting randomly, choosing specific times and dates to post your videos will help improve engagement. You could make a video about your brand story and break them into episodes. Schedule these short episodes and post updates either daily,  biweekly or weekly. 

In the same vein, establishing and maintaining consistency in your posting will have your audience expecting every update. It will also encourage your audience to come back to your profile for more videos thereby increasing engagement. Furthermore, you can use the end of your short episodes as a means to lead viewers to a product or service. Finally, you should continually develop new campaigns and consistently keep your audience engaged. These efforts will help build your online presence and establish you as a leader in your field.

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5. Target The Right Audience

Audience targeting is an important aspect of video marketing. Imagine selling women’s clothing and using Instagram hashtags relating to men. Your marketing will simply be dead before you even hit the share button. One of Facebook and Instagram’s best features is audience-based targeting. It allows users to target desired audiences when posting ads, enabling them to get desirable results. 

Additionally, sharing targeted posts will help you appeal to the relevant viewers, increase engagement, and achieve marketing goals. With Facebook post targeting, you can reach audiences according to their age, location, gender, and many other demographics.

6. Don’t Forget Your CTA’s

When next you make a video for marketing purposes, be sure to include calls to action that drive viewers to do something. You could direct them to click a product link or sign up for a program. More so, a call to action can also be used to ask viewers to leave comments, follow/like, share content or subscribe to your channel.

So next time you decide to make a video for your brand or product, don’t forget to include your CTAs. It’s a great marketing strategy that propels your audience to perform the needed action. Customers may like your video but don’t know what to do at the end of it. More so, you don’t want to put all that effort into making a video and not achieve any marketing result.

To sum it up, videos are making a tremendous impact in the field of marketing and are an important strategy every business should adopt. Using these few tips we’ve mentioned, you can hope to achieve outstanding video marketing results no matter your field or specialty.

Rinku Malik is a regular contributor at and, He is a digital marketer, passionate with his work, and likes to serve the services of SEO, WordPress website management, and Social media marketing.