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Your Guide To Patching, Seal Coating, And Crack Filling Services


Asphalt has a long lifespan. It comes out smooth and skid-resistant, but it must be maintained to ensure its life. Cracks might appear in your asphalt driveway or parking lot over time. It’s critical to understand your alternatives, whether you need to patch up small places on your driveway or maintain your parking lot.

Regular seal coat coatings and modest crack filling fixes, rather than replacing or fixing damaged asphalt, can save you money in the long term. You’ll be able to prevent serious problems like “alligator cracking” and potholes as well.

This blog post will teach you all you need to know about crack filling and asphalt seal coating services in San Antonio, Tx.

Patching, Seal Coating, And Crack Filling

Sealcoating, crack filling, and patching is three strategies for keeping your parking lot’s durability, health, and appearance. People assist old automobiles in the running for many years by changing the oil and repairing engine parts, and they aid old houses by painting, caulking, and replacing old and rotten boards. Asphalt surfaces are no exception; they require the same care and maintenance as crack filling service in San Antonio over time.


Sealcoating serves as a barrier for the surface of your asphalt. Through oxidation, sunshine hardens asphalt and degrades the surface’s beneficial characteristics over time. Asphalt becomes brittle and breaks readily when it oxidizes. Sealcoating protects the asphalt from the sun’s damaging oxidation effects.

Flexible asphalt can respond to temperature variations and the effects of high loads by expanding and contracting without cracking. Because asphalt is only a combination of stone and tar, it is prone to voids and air pockets. Some voids are present during the initial paving, while others emerge over time due to traffic flow and the sun’s oxidation effects.

Sealcoating and crack filling service in San Antonio such spaces, preventing or minimizing water penetration into the first quarter inch of the surface.

Filling Cracks

To get barrier protection, random cracks are treated by pouring boiling crack filler into potholes and cracks. Preparing the crack before filling properly; if this is not done correctly, the filler will not stick to the old asphalt.


Patching and full-depth repairs may be preferable when the holes are not random and are damaging the pavement. While services like patching may be done on any asphalt surface, seal coating is not recommended for high-speed roads since it can drastically reduce reaction times.

Maintaining your asphalt properly may extend its life dramatically and give it the cosmetic benefits of seal coating services in San Antonio, Tx.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Asphalt Paving Company?

Hiring A Professional Saves Time

Professionals that practice their trade daily are more prepared and efficient. Professional asphalt paving firms can help you establish a cost-effective plan for constructing and maintaining your asphalt surfaces based on their decades of expertise.

They may also work with you on routine maintenance of your asphalt with minor inconvenience to your customers and staff if you are a company owner.

Insured And Licensed

Contractors who are legally providing San Antonio seal coating services should present all documents upon request. A licensed contractor assures that the project is covered by liability insurance. This insurance also covers personal and bodily injuries and property damage in the event of an accident.

Always Request A Free Estimate And Evaluation

No professional seal coating business will issue a quote without adequately examining the project. It’s not in the company’s best interests if the project takes longer and costs more than projected, and it’s certainly not in yours if you get a surprise bill.

Get An Estimate Of How Long It Will Take

The time it takes to seal a driveway effectively depends on its condition, size, and kind of materials utilized. In general, be skeptical of a contractor that promises to be in and out in no time, especially if your driveway is cracked or stained.

A typical multi-car driveway San Antonio seal coating service takes around half a day to complete and may be split into two days to dry any pre-work. Preparation takes the most time, and it usually takes a professional seal coat contractor a few hours to fully prepare and seal cracks. This also necessitates the removal of any oils and fluid stains from the surface.

There is also much drying time between processes, so hurrying is nearly always a symptom of a project that won’t survive. If the driveway is in lousy form, it may be required to apply two coats, which will necessitate a couple of days between applications.

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