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Athlean X jeff cavaliere

Athlean X Full Body Workout by jeff cavaliere


Athlean X is Jeff Cavaliere. My first encounter with Jeff Cavaliere was about 3 or 4 years ago, when I saw his advertisements and videos on YouTube. When I spoke to John Meadows, he said, “Watch what Jeff does at Athlean X.” Meadows himself admitted that there are many who hate on him but he’s really a nice guy.

Then I decided that I would try the Jeff’s Athlean X workouts a try to see how it’s constructed and how he goes about his programming. The workout I decided to test is a solely dumbbell workout described as a full body exercise.

One thing I did not like immediately was the fact that all exercises are three sets of 6 to 8 repetitions. The instructor does a great job of providing the option of a different lift, and also providing time to rest. One thing that I’ve had trouble on in our articles is the idea of saying to do this, rest that often. This is something I’m going to learn from Jeff to enhance the content we publish at Garage Strength

The first move I’d never tried before. It’s a recommended move for those who just has one dumbbell. It’s like a kettlebell throw up to the rack, then upwards and over the head and over to the shoulder opposite. Do that for six reps then I performed the next move following.

2. Dumbbell Clean & Press

I performed this exercise with one dumbbell in each hand. I did one set of this, and rested for 90 seconds before doing the same thing again.

This Athlean X program started off with a full body workout before adjusting to focus on the lower back muscles, then chest and triceps muscles at the close.

As a weightlifting coach I don’t like the way Jeff advises you to stomp ones feet floor. I’m not a fan of the idea of stomping your feet. It made me cringe. But the workout increased my heart rate and I was breathing harder and enticed me to join the exercise.

It’s not terrible. It’s okay. I’d rather sit down.

I’m not a big fan of dumbbell press and clean. In fact I’d prefer to do squat. The dumbbell press and clean felt great. My hamstrings and lower back, quads a slightly, and shoulders also felt great coming out.

3. Goblet Reverse Lunges Into Goblet Squat

The main issue I have regarding this exercise has to do with be with the program that specifies six reps. It was a bit odd since there were three reps for each exercise. I completed the left and right legs and to do the goblet-squat. It’s a blessing that Jeff does an excellent job, which is what you expect from the exercise.

It’s not that the exercise isn’t amazing. They’re good for everyone up to a certain point. I believe Garage Strength has better workouts and programs with us at Garage Strength.

Jeff states that if I would like to grow bigger as well as stronger I shouldn’t want to become too narrow as I’ll be off balance and reduce the gains in strength. The idea of having the reverse lunge as long as the goblet squat posture is

This exercise is fantastic following your dumbbell press and clean. The quads were fired up and the abs can be felt to be working. Make sure to do the recommended sets, before moving on to the next one.

My quads were glowing and I truly enjoyed this workout.

4. Single Arm Dumbbell Row Athlean X 

Three sets of 6 to 8 reps (with every exercise) is one of my major complaint. It’s just a general row when only one dumbbell is on hand.

Now , if I use one arm per dumbbell, which means there are two dumbbells which I do, then I had to complete dead rows.

5. Dumbbell Dead Row Athlean X 

This move is a bit more leg. My legs are already shaking from squats and lunges. My hamstrings are aching from the press and clean of the dumbbell too.

From a dead spot with the dumbbells placed on the outside, which is similar to a trap bar in which I deadlift the dumbbells before finishing by doing the row. The instructions on programming suggested that it’s okay to employ the lower back as well as the hamstrings more.

I decided to try 3 sets of the exercise.

6. Dumbbell Floor Bench Athlean X 

At this moment, my back was bright and my lats were feeling good and my shoulder was fairly good, too. Another option to do the bench, even if it only had one dumbbell, was doing a crunch grip on one of the dumbbell’s heads and pressing. I’m not a fan of that exercise unless I had a plan of making a whole set of 50 and just blowing the triceps of my arms. Therefore, I went straight into the bench on the floor.

Athlean X states that you should do six to eight reps. I believed ten to twelve reps would be more suitable for the pump. One issue I’ve encountered with the dumbbell floor press is that it’s difficult to get the dumbbells to raise without the space. It can be a bit cumbersome and especially when you are using the weights for the tough powerful and sturdy out there.

I’m guessing I did 18 reps as I was afraid to put the dumbbells onto my quads. I enjoy dumbbell bench as a finishing exercise. This is not a move that makes people dumb and weak however it can slash the triceps. I recommend stopping at the beginning of the movement. If you are struggling with a lock-out in the bench, try this move upwards. I would recommend using a barbell that has more grip.

7. Dumbbell Lying Tricep Extension

I was able to get a good exercise from the dumbbell’s floor bench. I’m enjoying the workout to date, but I have some major critiques.

This is where I did the tricep extension with dumbbells lying. Athlean isn’t supersetting this, but I love supersetting trize and bize. Therefore, I’m going to do this bicep workout that I’ve had never tried.

Before that the dumbbell lying in tricep extensions, copied from C.T. Flecher is simply lying on the floor, and reaching the dumbbells down to the ground (don’t bounce) while keeping your elbows straight and not using the lats too often as you try to focus on the trize.

This exercise, as well as the following, Athlean X said hit it for between ten and twelve repetitions. I have always enjoyed this exercise as a way to keep the triceps muscles pump working.

8. Weighted Curl

Athlean X suggests doing standing dumbbell curls using two dumbbells, with one for each hand. What Athlean X explains is that using a single dumbbell with hands flat and an open palm that helps with grip strength I simply bent the dumbbell to my chin. I really liked this exercise particularly the open palm to do some grip exercises.



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