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NCEdCloud Student Login
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NCEdCloud Student Login


The NCEdCloud IAM Service SSO (single sign-on) integration allows users to to log into Discovery Education via the NCEdCloud IAM Service portal or via Student and staff user accounts are imported to Discovery Education from the NCEdCloud IAM Service regularly basis.


(All specifications must be met before proceeding)

  1. Schools that are subscribers to Discovery Education services must use the NCEdCloud IAM Service.
  2. All students and staff members are in the NCEd Cloud IAM service. Only those who reside within the NCEdCloud IAM Service will have access to Discovery Education.
  3. Accounts for staff members in the NCEd Cloud IAM service have email addresses.
  4. It is the State UID number is listed for students and staff in the Discovery Education profile (Teacher ID and Student ID fields).

User Experience

Once the NCEdCloud IAM Service integration is launched, users will log into Discovery Education by logging into the NCEdCloud IAM Service and clicking an icon for Discovery Education or navigating directly to:

Once the NCEdCloud IAM Service integration is launched, users will no longer be able to log in via: Any previously saved hyperlinks that are not configured for SSO will prompt users to log in directly to, which will no longer work. We suggest implementing two options in this situation:

1. Update existing hyperlinks with the NCEd Cloud SSO subdomain: should be updated to

2. Recommend users to sign in using NCEd Cloud before using saved hyperlinks.

How it Works

Users are authenticated to Discovery Education via NCEd Cloud as long as usernames used in Discovery Education are in the required SSO username format. For the Discovery Education NCEd, Cloud SSO username format is

Note The username you use is not recognized by the user. .

Steps to Implement

Step 1. Check that the UID number of the state is displayed for both students and staff members within the Discovery Education profile (Teacher ID and Student ID fields).

To enable current Discovery Education user accounts to be properly configured to work with use with the NCEdCloud IAM Service SSO, the state UID number should be displayed on their account under their Teacher ID field or student ID section. Current Discovery Education user accounts can be reviewed through:

  1. Log in to Discovery Education with an Admin user account.
  2. Navigate to My Admin > Bulk Import > Update Rosters.
  3. Transfer the teacher Roster as well as the Student Roster for all schools.
  4. Verify that the exact UID number is correct. A UID number is displayed in the Student ID and Teacher ID fields.
  5. If any additions or changes are required, make sure you enter the correct information in the appropriate field Save the .csv and then upload the file to the Bulk Import page. (Be certain not to alter that username field).

Note If you require assistance regarding this step, contact your Discovery Education technical integration agent. Be aware.

Step 2. Verify that all user data is stored in NCEdCloud IAM Services.

Only those who have accounts in the NCEdCloud IAM Service will be transferred to Discovery Education. Ensure that every account belonging to staff has email addresses listed in the NCEdCloud IAM Service.

Step 3: Request SSO.

Fill out your SSO form. Fill out the SSO request form.

Step 4 4. Verify via NCEdCloud IAM and IdAuto that the data is available in Discovery Education.

Discovery Education must be given permission to access the state’s data. After the consent is received, you are prompted to send the confirmation email to all participants.

5. Find the Launch Date and then test your SSO authentication.

The launch date is the day users are set up for NCEdCloud IAM Service SSO. Following this day, customers need to sign in using either of the ways mentioned in the previous section (User experience section). We recommend that you inform everyone of the launch date. We recommend that you launch on Friday nights. A single (or several) participants can be set by hand for SSO to verify the authentication successfully.

Sixth Step: Inform users of the new login method and the launch date.

Users should be informed of the launch Date and the new login process because this will change their method to be registered to Discovery Education.

Step 7: Launch.

The existing Discovery Education user accounts will be configured to connect to this NCEdCloud IAM Service after 7 pm ET, which is the time of the day prior to the launch date. For example, the launch date of Monday could be scheduled for Friday evening at 7 pm ET. The icon in the NCEdCloud IAM Service will appear in addition.

If you want to access all the options available on page NCEdCloud IAM log-in page, You can sign in with your username by choosing NCEdCloud login and NCDPI log-in from the menu dropdown.

The student may also provide his name by taking a QR Code picture. If you’ve forgotten your login information, your account that was lost can be found through Claim Your Account…

  • Password Reset For changing your student’s password
  • Forgot My Username, Forgot My Username, Get It Now
  • Need help? For any information, go to the help page.

NCEdCloud Login for Students

If you’re already registered and have a valid account, you don’t need to set up an account. Learn the entire Sign-in guide, including step-by-step instructions if you encounter difficulties logging into your account.

NCEdCloud Login Information

A completely detailed guide and follow simple steps:

  • Enter NCEdCloud web address:
  • When your NCEdCloud IAM Services screen appears, then click Claim my account.
  • On the screen of Rapid Identification Select from the LEA, employee claims policy. Click Next

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do users go to log in with their NCEd Cloud accounts? Once the NCEdCloud IAM Service integration is launched, users will log into Discovery Education by logging into the NCEdCloud IAM Service, clicking an icon for Discovery Education, or navigating directly to:

What is the price for NCEd Cloud’s SSO? Do you need to sign an agreement? NCEd Cloud SSO is absolutely free, and there’s no contract to sign. Simply fill out your SSO form to request an application to start.

When do we start to start NCEd Cloud SSO? This will vary widely among districts. After the agreement has been signed and all existing DE users are ready for the new system, then NCEd Cloud SSO will be able to go live. Informing users of the new login method is essential to ensure an effective launch. We suggest launching on Fridays, and at minimum, two weeks following the date the consent has been completed and communication with users has started.

What will happen what happens to the accounts that are already in use of Discovery Education user accounts? Do they have the ability to save their information and files? Teacher accounts will be assigned into accounts in their NCEd Cloud accounts based on matches in email addresses or Teacher IDs from both systems. Accounts of students will be mapped on the basis of identical Student IDs. If users are successfully mapped, the saved work remains intact. Contact Discovery Education to discuss a launch plan for your school.


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